Friday, 8 June 2007

Understanding Mercury Concentration by Tim Kasemodel

Understanding Mercury Concentration

Imagine an 8 story building, 100’ square filled with water (6,229,000 gallons) divided into 1 billion parts
1 part per billion = 1.2 inches square

To understand mercury concentration, dilute 6,229,000 gallons of water with the amounts of mercury below:

Preservative level mercury – including Pediatric flu:
50,000 parts per billion concentration
44 inches square of mercury
Trace level mercury vaccines:
DtaP+Hib 600 ppb concentration 10 inches square of mercury
Hepatitis B 1000 ppb concentration 12 inches square of mercury
Adult flu 2500 ppb concentration 16.5 inches square of mercury
Mercury levels mentioned in peer reviewed science and its noted effects:

100 ppb causes immune system cell death (Pessah ¹) 5.5 inches square of mercury
10 ppb causes immune system inhibition (Pessah¹) 2.6 inches square of mercury
3 ppb causes brain neuron cell death (Haley²) 1.7 inches square of mercury 0.2 ppb causes inhibition of enzyme methionine synthetase –the main pathway of mercury excretion in the body (Waly/Deth³), 3/4 inches square of mercury Low levels such as these also inhibit the production of heme by blocking the porphyrin pathway; decrease in heme production prevents the normal production of hemoglobin and affect the production of glutathione, an important antioxidantDecreasing of heme levels makes one susceptible to many other toxins.

*100 ft per side
44 in. per side
10” to 16 5”
¾” – A “sugar cube” of mercury diluted into 6,229,000 gallons of water eliminated activity supporting the excretion of mercury itself
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2 -
3 -

Prepared by the Minnesota Natural Health Legal Reform Project