Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Tapestry of disorders is becoming all too obvious

In the early nineties I began to see that the usual approaches to diagnosis with black and white diagnostic methods were not that helpful. So many children then emerging fell through the net.

That is because they were increasingly complex. They had a complex interweave of conditions - such as the Autism, ADHD and Asthma Generation Rescue finds as being higher in vaccinated boys. It was then that I began to use the metaphor of the Tapestry.

There also seemed at that stage to probably be a complex interweave of causes and certainly there need to be a complex interweave of interventions to maximise the chances of success so the metaphor worked on various levels of explanation.

Tragically and astonishingly, the system has done all in its power to deny this tapestry, and to play games with diagnosis and indeed with those doing the diagnosing.

Once respectable professionals now take the stand one after the other against children to talk about studies with clear conflicts of interest as a glance at the transcripts in the Cedillo case now running in New York will show. Shame on them.

It all started with that tapestry of corruption - Big Pharma in bed with Governments and now we have a tapestry of crippling life-long disorders in the lucky ones who survive adverse reactions to vaccinations. But until the tapestry of disorders and the causes are fully understood by the public, the majority of these children will continue to suffer as we have not even begun to address their complex needs as we should in our so called advanced society.