Thursday, 28 June 2007

Professor Gordon Stewart's warnings about DTP in the 1980's

Professor Gordon Stewart was Emeritus Professor of Public Health into the eighties at the University of Glasgow when he began to have very serious concerns about the DTP vaccine. He was particularly worried about increasing reports of adverse reactions including convulsions and white shock after the vaccine in some children and death in some others. Professor Stewart worked with committees looking at these reactions, thought to be linked to the live pertussis antigen.

He was to be shocked when others in the committee were making public announcements that the vaccine was perfectly safe. He knew this was simply not the case.

Time moves on and political spin has whipped up a veritable confection trying to convince the public that there are no reactions to vaccine, even saying that reported adverse reactions are simply co-incidences.

Biological studies (see Dish of the Day below) on Thimerosal with its 49.6% Mercury content show the damage it can do to cells, the retina and to the way it collects in certain organs. Mercury's potential to draw live viruses to it as well as other vaccine ingredients is never even mentioned to the public.

Did Mercury draw the pertussis antigen to it, or did it act alone/separately? How will we know if the lies and spin continue despite the vast evidence of adverse reactions in VAERS in the US, the Yellow Card scheme in the UK, the Brighton Collaboration spanning both and through the work and warnings of men of high integrity such as Professor Gordon Stewart?

Read the recent Spectator article about the tragic case of Sally Clark whose children had just had vaccines when they died.

Other cases known to me of babies whose deaths followed the DTP ( and in some cases the MMR) also involved parents having to take the blame.

Professors who have remained completely silent on the issue of vaccines even when stood in Court speaking on Oath and who have led the way in this blame game, also sat on Adverse Reactions to Vaccination Committees. One of these is Professor Sir Roy Meadow who said there was a 73 million to 1 chance that Sally Clark's two babies died 'naturally'. Meaning that she must have killed them. No mention of the vaccines.

Professor David Southall has also been involved in studies linked to CONI schemes - Care of the Next Infant, run by the FSID (Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths) - after a baby died. Many died after a vaccine but he never mentions that either.

Could it be that for 25 years certain powerful individals have crafted theories to blame parents for the evidence of adverse reactions to vaccines set down right before their eyes? whilst others battled in vain to protect the public by raising concerns?

Will a new British Government headed by Gordon Brown, now, finally, protect the public and expose what has been happening to so many children ?