Sunday, 27 January 2008

Paediatricians attempts to censor Thimerosal story

By JB Handley

Pediatricians, ABC and Censorship: Facts Are Scarier Than Fiction
By David Kirby
On Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics will release the contents of a foreboding letter sent last week to ABC/Disney executives, demanding they cancel the January 31 premiere of a new legal drama series, "Eli Stone," because it features a family attorney who successfully argues in court that mercury-containing flu vaccine caused autism in one child


Dear Dr. Jenkins,

Many in the autism community are stunned by the position of the American Academy of Pediatrics over the upcoming ABC series "Eli Stone." Your letter to ABC executives asking them to not to air the program which deals with the controversial claim that vaccines with the mercury cause autism indicates just how heated this issue is, but I don't think that censorship tactics will restore the public's trust in the vaccine program.

For years as we watched the autism rate soar from one in 10,000 in the 1970s to one in every 150 children today, the AAP failed to sound any alarm. As more and more children with autism filled doctors' waiting rooms, the AAP happily announced that the epidemic rate was due to "better diagnosing." When parents asked for guidance about the disorder that took away their children, they heard few answers, except that the cause was genetic.

The only thing the AAP has been able to tell the public for sure is that autism isn't the result of the vaccines that their child received. Even though the dramatically expanded vaccine schedule since the 1980s meant that children were exposed to horrendous levels of known toxins like mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde, we were assured that all the studies show no link.

Your letter announces, "No scientific link exists between vaccines and autism." The modern-day population studies that play with the numbers and show that children vaccinated with mercury aren't more likely to have autism have failed to settle anything. The tobacco industry used studies like this in the 1940s and 50s as proof that smoking didn't cause lung cancer. They can be made to say anything the researchers want.

The American Academy of Pediatrics can't do the one thing that could settle the debate. They can't produce the results of the rigorous toxicity testing done on thimerosal seventy-five years ago BEFORE it was ever allowed in our children's vaccines. They do that because there was none. All the modern studies in the world can't make up for that oversight failure.

The issue here isn't the science, it's liability: Who will be held responsible if it's shown that through gross malfeasance a generation of children has been damaged by dangerous vaccines? Instead of protecting our children and calling attention to the epidemic of autism, the AAP is working to keep the issue from the attention of the public.

BELOW are a few stories taken from recent news accounts from around the U.S.
Every time stories like these come out, more questions are raised. Fewer and fewer parents will be willing to risk the health and happiness or their children when officials can tell us so little.

(By coincidence, yesterday these two stories citing vaccine damage appeared in the press:
Alert over jab for girls as two die following cervical cancer vaccination
U of M researcher links asthma, early vaccinationsWinnipeg Free Press - Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada)
As the evidence mounts, the AAP seems to make self-protection a priority, not our children.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Attempts to manipulate TV Drama by Big Pharma

The public may be shocked to learn that Big Pharma and the medics associated with it, influence the fiction that goes onto our screens in soaps etc. Many a medic with various vested interests helps advise on stories for TV dramas.

Furthermore, sometimes certain programmes make it through production and onto our TV screens without such groups knowing until its too late to stop production. When they do discover something has slipped through the net they galvanise all resources to prevent it going ahead or interfere with the message of the programme itself.

In the UK we had Judge John Deed as a BBC legal drama which had the nerve to include stories about MMR, vaccine trials in the Third World and other delicate matters. It has now disappeared. If anyone can find the DVD I would like a copy.

Now the US ABC network has been attacked for the story in it's legal series due to start on the 31st of this month because it features a family who win their case that their child was affected by the Thimerosal in his early vaccine.

Read David Kirby's excellent piece on this latest attempt to suppress freedom of speech about vaccines.