Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Resignation from the British Psychological Society

For readers of this blog, there may have been some interest in matters concerning myself and the British Psychological Society. After many years of what I consider to be harrassment, I finally won an Appeal against a Decision of two members of a Panel of three at the BPS and within two days the BPS attempted to bring another complaint having threatened that they would do that last year if I won against them.

I had proof that the complainant had already withdrawn the complaint when the BPS brought it to my attention, so I brought that to their attention. They convened a meeting and today I have been told the case is closed and there is no evidence of professional misconduct.

I have been prevented from resigning from this charitable organisation as they insisted on pursuing vexatious complaints fully knowing that.

Today March 11th 2008 I have finally resigned after 24 years. The organisation is not fit for purpose and is not made accountable when it makes grave errors and fails to protect the public.