Saturday, 1 March 2008

FINALLY - a politician with integrity speaks out on Mercury in vaccines. John McCain is the first Presidential candidate to publicly raise the issue.

In the run up to the US Presidential election there is inevitably a tension between honestly addressing controversial issues and remaining silent about them. Which way should they turn? Which way would get them the votes/the brickbats?

David Kirby forewarns John McCain what is likely to happen now that he has publicly mentioned the extraordinary rise of autism (and indeed related disorders) and, shock horror, even mentioned the association with the 49.6% Mercury containing preservative Thimerosal, in vaccines since 1930, introduced by Eli Lilly.

On the other hand, a US election is looming and intelligent voters cannot miss the devastating facts that our population is sicker than ever, more dangerous than ever, that we are riddled with autism and related disorders and that safety has taken second place to profit with the crucial boundaries between big corporations and Governments long gone.

If the voting public is made aware that something could have been interfering with our neurological and immune system development since 1930 and that something could have also altered our DNA, but all this has been hidden and spun out, then the brave presidential candidate in the US or prime minister candidate in the UK who dares to expose the issues will be the ultimate winner.

Its about time the biggest medical and social scandal in our history is getting talked about on a world stage.