Sunday, 27 January 2008

Attempts to manipulate TV Drama by Big Pharma

The public may be shocked to learn that Big Pharma and the medics associated with it, influence the fiction that goes onto our screens in soaps etc. Many a medic with various vested interests helps advise on stories for TV dramas.

Furthermore, sometimes certain programmes make it through production and onto our TV screens without such groups knowing until its too late to stop production. When they do discover something has slipped through the net they galvanise all resources to prevent it going ahead or interfere with the message of the programme itself.

In the UK we had Judge John Deed as a BBC legal drama which had the nerve to include stories about MMR, vaccine trials in the Third World and other delicate matters. It has now disappeared. If anyone can find the DVD I would like a copy.

Now the US ABC network has been attacked for the story in it's legal series due to start on the 31st of this month because it features a family who win their case that their child was affected by the Thimerosal in his early vaccine.

Read David Kirby's excellent piece on this latest attempt to suppress freedom of speech about vaccines.