Monday, 9 July 2007

'Chemical exposure' linked to autism - MERCURY IN VACCINES???

At last it seems to be dawning on the very slow UK autism specialists and the media - myself excluded, as I have been saying this for years - that there is a much higher rate of autism than ever before - 1 in 58 now, yet 1 in 10,000 not so long ago. That represents AN EPIDEMIC of a totally debilitating disorder often accompanied by serious immune system impairments and painful bowel conditions. Asthma and ADHD are often part of what I have termed the 'tapestry' of disorders on the rise in our so called civilised Western world.

You cannot have genetic epidemics, so this is something else - and it is too rapid and large an increase to just be better diagnosis, especially in a country where politicians have tried to prevent diagnoses of autism by various means.

Simon Baron-C0hen who has inherited the genetic condition of sitting on the fence until the dust dies down - unlike his cousin Sasha - nevertheless is willing to whisper that maaayyybbbeee.... chemical exposure through pollutants could have something to do with this massive increase.

At last we have at least ONE answer which fits with concerns about certain vaccines and their effect on the developing system. Deadly toxic MERCURY, astonishingly, has been used in vaccines since 1930.

It forms 49.6% of the preservative THIMEROSAL.

This preservative was used by Eli Lilly in 1928 after it was found that children were dying after using multi-dose vials of vaccine. So bacteria was being spread from one to the other. The multi-dose vials were used to SAVE MONEY and MAKE MORE PROFITS FOR THE SHAREHOLDERS.

Ok. So clearly something had to be done. The choice:

1. Give single vaccines
2. Give multi-dose vaccines but use a preservative to kill off the bacteria.

Number 1 would have cost more, so Number 2 was chosen. It still is chosen, for flu vaccines and the Third World, whose millions don't have a clue what's happening, just as we didn't.

The trial of the vaccines containing this preservative was used on 22 dying meningitis patients.

Not surprisingly, it was not possible to fully test whether the product was dangerous, because the subjects were dying anyway. This confounding factor would have made it impossible to establish whether they died earlier than they should because of the vaccine, or because of the meningitis.

Political protection of Eli Lilly and indeed the vaccine industry as a whole in the West has ensured that this little story has never properly been told to the public, nor has Thimerosal in vaccines ever been tested properly.

But the concerns about the toxicity of this product have never subsided - albeit away from the public eye and usually quickly dismissed or mocked by Big Pharma shills if anything did sneak out.

If Baron-Cohen is right and chemical exposure can cause damage to people - and this is not rocket science - and this damage could lead to neurodevelopmental disorders which could include autism - then we are home and dry. MERCURY is the second most deadliest toxic metal on this earth - WHY WAS IT EVER PUT IN VACCINES?

Autism was first described a few years after Mercury was used in vaccines, when suddenly Kanner and Asperger, working across the world from each other in Austria and the US, began to see the same thing in the late 1930's.

The numbers remained much the same over the decades and autism was regarded as a rare disorder. Our focus was on diagnosis, education and forms of treatment. The National Autistic Society, set up by concerned parents in the 1960's, had its priorities right then. But, the message was always - "We don't know what causes this condition". Or " It's wholly genetic, don't have any more children". Tapestry thinking was a million miles away.

When my own interests in autism began in the 1970's, it was extremely rare. When you mentioned an autistic child to people they thought you were saying 'artistic' and no-one knew anything about it. When you say it now, everyone knows someone who has an autistic child.

This massive increase, now clear in these very late reports, shifted from a condition which came into professional consciousness in the 30's after the Mercury vaccine programme began in earnest across the West, and rapidly rose after the 1980's.

It is not a co-incidence that in the 1980's there was an accelerated Thimerosal containing DTP (Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (Whooping Cough) ) programme which meant that babies were getting much more Mercury than they had previously been getting.

The shots were given to much younger infants, with obviously weaker immune systems, and the time between each vaccine was shortened.

US children were also given a shot on the first day of birth and more shots within the first few months of life, so they have seen an even more rapid rise in autism.

So much spin and big money given to those that weave it has blocked what is alarmingly obvious:



What has it done to us all?

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